Bryan Fischer: Gays Responsible For The Nazi Party

Bryan Fischer, total dickhead
Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association (the hate group sponsoring Gov. Rick Perry's prayer and fasting rally) wants to clear something up.

He never once said that gays were responsible for the HOLOCAUST. He said that the gays were responsible for the NAZI PARTY (which was responsible for the Holocaust).

Remember, folks! Bryan Fischer will be praying for America alongside Texas governor and potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry on August 6 at the seven-hour fasting and prayer-fest, Response: A Call to Prayer For a Nation in Crisis


  1. Well, he's just made it to the top of my "Hateful Wankers" list. You have to wonder with arseholes like this whether they know that gays were marched off to the camps, as well as jews (and socialists, atheists, communists, and others)? If he isn't, he's an ignorant prick. If he is, he's a dishonest prick.

  2. The SA storm troopers he refered to did have many homosexuals in it, and so did the SS that replaced it. But these homosexuals were, by neccesity Created by Nazi laws) deeply closeted. Perhaps it was not homsexuality itself, but the closet, which led to the creation of the Nazi party, which then perpetuated it.
    See any similarity with todays neo-conservativs, televangelists.priests, etc.?