Pray The Gay Away With High School Pastor Bobby Blakey

Andy Towle, at Towleroad, nailed it:
These two kids should be dating. Instead they're in a horrifying 'pray away the gay' video.
The video below, from White Throne Films, features Bobby Blakey, "a High School Pastor with a passion to help young people follow Christ with a love for God and his word," and two teens who, through the loving grace of God and the guidance of pastor Bobby Blakey, have turned away from their sinful homosexual pasts.

Bobby is on a mission to take on the "one issue that defines this generation: homosexuality."

Bobby states (over a horror-movie score):
"If you don't accept homosexuality, you're not in with what's happening today....In high school classrooms homosexuality is being aggressively promoted. Fringe groups of Christianity are making us look bad by just bashing these people, going after them in a way that is not with gentleness and respect...Why can't we love the homosexual, and tell them the truth about their sin?"

Let's hope Bobby got the memo last week from John Smid, former Executive Director of Love in Action, one of the largest and oldest ex-gay ministries in existence (founded in 1973), who acknowledged his own homosexuality and confirmed that sexual orientation cannot be changed.

More at Towleroad.


  1. I know from being gay that we are BORN THIS WAY. I like how he condemns gays by thinking that when they say that they were born this way that they are lying. How would he know at all? He is obviously ignorant of others and is the reason I am disgusted to be a christian and have stopped following it. Who is he to say that gay people can just change who they are completely? who is he to say that they should not embrace who they are? Who is he to say that people should love who he wants them to love? We cant help it and i think it is beautiful when a gay person embraces themself for who they are. This video is sickening.

  2. The extreme anger, hate and intolerance toward bible believing christians should alarm the gay community who was at one time treated so badly, until they banned together over the years to bring tolerance to America....The problem is the word "tolerance" has been re-defined to mean everyone MUST agree with you or they will be labeled ugly names like "haters" and "extremists" thus becoming the "bully" they once were a victim of.

    Take a moment to view the video, there is no message of "hate" name calling and "anger, but a message of hope,love, and redemption for the lost, hurting and broken. Its called the good news, it is offered in love by Jesus Christ who laid down his life for those who choose to follow.
    One can follow or choose not to, but the message is offered to all. What a shame to spew such venom to a couple of young men who chose to turn and follow Christ.
    Choose something different for yourselves, be gracious to those who choose differently. True christians will not name call, hate and boil over with anger toward people who do not choose Christ, but will pray for you. Wow, is this so awful?

    I just read tons of posts calling people to "protest", giving out personal numbers and addresses of this Pastor....kids who belong to this church are being cussed out, knocked into, threatened and persecuted throughout the highs schools in this community.....REALLY?? Is this what our community of "tolerant, peace loving" people have become??
    People, look in the mirror and take stock...

  3. The video calls for homosexuals to be loved welcomed into their community. That they can pray away their sin. For many people being gay is not a sin and should not be taught to children as such! If the video makers where so convinced of their message, why did they remove it from youtube and are attempting to remove all evidence of it from the web? If they can preach this belief then they have to expect a backlash from the silient majority who don't believe it but usualy stay quiet. The video is being reposted to show others how offensive it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fyE0IkUxOg

  4. thanks for the new link, anonymous.

  5. This abomination of a video is still available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYkWAQIINEo

    (But given ive just been forced to pull it by these insecure people, I don't know how long it will be there either...)

  6. The video is being pulled because of the ugliness, hate and rage in response to it.
    This video, AGAIN, is a message of love, hope and redemption to the lost and broken through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
    You are entitled to believe what you want, show the same respect for others who disagree.

  7. Anonymous said...
    This pastor is a fucking hipocryt.Noboby can change from being gay to straight.Is the world now going to change all the transgender people back to there original sex

    October 23, 2011 7:07 AM

    Hey Mr. Anonymous, people who are transgender do not need to return to their "original sex" becaue they never left it...now they just have mutilated body parts!