The Batshit Files: News Roundup | 6.8.11

People, you so crazy:

Rainbows have been banned at Mississauga Catholic school (Xtra!)

Ann Coulter on Kent State massacre: "That's what you do with a mob" (Media Matters)

Rep. John Labruzzo (R) defends bill banning abortion, compares women seeking abortions to heroin addicts (Think Progress)

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) claims that legalizing gay marriage is akin to legalizing pedophilia, incest, and letting three-year olds drive a car. (Right Wing Watch)

Wash. Times says Palin was "correct" about Paul Revere; "Left Does Not Revere History" (Media Matters)

Sarah Palin's fans edit Paul Revere Wikipedia entry to make it reflect Palin's unique version of the events. (Computerworld)

Man tells police he raped woman because he was afraid of the Rapture (Orlando Sentinel)

'Psychic' tip leads to serious search, but no mass grave containing 30 bodies, as the 'psychic' claimed (MSNBC)

David Barton: Founding Fathers were against teaching evolution; Revolution was fought to end slavery (Right Wing Watch)

Herman Cain’s plan for securing the border: Build an electrified Great Wall Of China, fill a moat with alligators (ThinkProgress)

Massachusetts State Rep. Ryan Fattman (R, duh): If an undocumented woman were raped and beaten as she walked down the road, she should be afraid to come forward. (Right Wing Watch)

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