The Batshit Files: News Roundup | 6.10.11

  • Glenn Beck compares media coverage of Sarah Palin to a KKK lynch mob (Media Matters)
      • NOM's Brian Brown: Anti-gay marriage amendments keep LGBT teens safe (Pam's House Blend)
      • Creationists explain that transgender identity is a serious medical problem resulting from The Fall of Man (Right Wing Watch)
      • Those racist anti-choice billboards are back.  This time they're targeting Latinos. (GOOD)
      • 18 killed in wave of homophobic violence in Puerto Rico (ColorLines)
      • Coulter: If my child said he was gay, "Obviously I'd tell him he was adopted...Ask for some help redecorating the dining room" (Media Matters)
          • The North Carolina House voted to pass the “Women’s Right to Know” Act which forces women to wait 24 hours to have an abortion, forces them to see a sonogram and feeds them “information” about the risks of abortion. (Feministing)
          • Limbaugh: "Belief in man-made global warming is a lot like believing in Santa Claus." (Media Matters)
          • God is separately backing at least three different contenders for the Republican presidential nomination (New York)
          • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed — the 2008 creationist propaganda movie fronted by Ben Stein — is scheduled to be auctioned, pursuant to the bankruptcy proceeding of Premise Media Holdings LP. (NCSE
          • Santorum: Climate Change is a “scheme” for “more government” (Discover)

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