'Satanic' Pokemon: Destroying The Minds And Hearts Of Our Children

The folks at Bible.com want you to know that, although it may seem to be an innocent childhood preoccupation, Pokemon is "satanic," and your child "may need a prayer of deliverance prayed over them," as "the devil [may] have a stronghold in their lives."

My children, like millions of other children over the past 15 years, love them some Pokemon. They collect the cards, have the figurines, and watch the show from time to time. In many ways, the Pokemon craze (along with Yu-Gi-Oh, and other Japanese imports) is this generation's sports cards. Try as I have, my kids could care less about baseball cards. Baseball cards are one-dimensional compared to these cards which not only are collected, but are also components of a fairly complex role-playing game, and which are integrated into the narratives of movies, video games, and television.

Bible.com (among others, it must be noted) see this craze as more than just a hobby. A good, wholesome, hobby will not, as Bible.com says, "destroy the minds and hearts of our children."

What exactly is so evil about Pokemon?
The question is, what is the right way and how do we know if something is right for our children or even us personally? In the case of Pokemon let us look at the "roots and fruits" of this game. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7 that we can recognize the tree by the fruit that it bears.

The following are some of their assertions (emphasis mine):

Pokemon is short for "Pocket Monsters"...This game makes some of its monsters out as friendly; thus causing children to embrace certain evil spirits as friends instead of resisting them.

Pokemon is the result of influences that are completely mystical and that embrace warrior religions. These belief systems are not compatible with Christianity.

In Pokemon, the monsters actually die to their old self and evolve into the new, more powerful Pokemon. This is the teaching of eastern mystery religions and is spelled out in the Egyptian book of the dead and other occult religions. Through this children are subtly being indoctrinated into the theory of evolution and mysticism of the eastern religions.

Other philosophies are also evident in Pokemon and these are the demonstration of occultic powers in the games and cards. We also find the influences of New Age Cults, Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Satanism in this game.

The trading aspect of Pokemon is unhealthy for children too. This aspect has become addictive in many children...This trading game is not fostering good Christian traits in children but rather greed, combativeness, extreme competitiveness and obsessiveness.

Instead of this game just being one of imaginative fun, it has become addictive and changed the emotional disposition of children. Some children even complain that they don't feel good after playing the game. Since it is a role playing game, some of the characters are not good and this opens the door for children to receive evil influences and even demonic invasion.

Children can receive demon spirits by opening themselves up to the spirits behind Pokemon. When it was first released in Japan in 1997, it was reported that over 600 children went into epileptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoons.  The epileptic seizures were said to be caused by the incessant flashing lights in the cartoon overloading the optical nerves and inciting seizure; however, seizures can also be caused by demonic attack.

We encourage you not to let the seemingly little things, like helping choose your children's toys wisely, be a door for unwanted evil influences in their lives. Don't let this "little fox" destroy the minds and hearts of our children.

Bible.com is laying it on pretty thick there.

They seem to forget that we can find in Christianity itself the influences of paganism. If they want Christians to avoid these influences, they will need to stop referring to Jesus as "the light of the world." They might want to hold off on the references to symbols such as "the good shepherd," and the "orans." The might want to shun the Christmas tree and the wreath. They might want to remove all fish (ichthus) symbols from their churches and cars. Crosses, too.

a 'demonic invader'
Lighten up, Bible.com. One thing that's great about the explosion of global trade over the past several decades, and the advent of the internet, is the accompanying explosion of influences from other cultures, especially in areas that were once so homogenized. We have enjoyed advances in technology and medicine through the flowing of ideas from culture to culture. We enjoy a wealth of cuisine, film, art, music, and literature. This is good.

When my kids play Pokemon, they're exploring similar worlds of imagination that I explored with GI Joe, Kung Fu movies, and Marvel Comics. Except they're actually using math. They're engaging in critical thinking, and learning about supply and demand, cooperation and conflict.

And yes, they are actually learning some basics ideas about evolution. Granted, it's bizarro Pokemon evolution, but that's more than I got in NC public schools in the 1980s.

My kids aren't 'receiving demon spirits,' because demon spirits are about as real as Pokemon characters, and my children understand this.

This 'demon spirits' talk is just religious code for 'things we don't understand,' and 'demonic invasion' is metaphysical-speak for 'bad behavior.' And I believe the correct term for 'demonic attack' is 'being a kid.'

If your kid is turning away from Christianity, it's probably not the Pokemon that's the problem. It's probably that you're creeping them out with all the medieval demon bullshit.


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  2. I think your article, hits the nail on the head. You are absolutely right, whether te rest of the world accepts it or not. I have the same struggles with the Pokemon, and other Nintendo games mania. The decent games are not popular, but the rubbish ones are. Children cannot differentiate, the subtle undertone of evil, but a prayerful adult should definitely be able to discern it, and pray for deliverance. Thanks for posting this, loud and clear.

  3. I think the true evil is the ones calling Pokemon evil. From my experience all Pokemon promotes is happiness fun and friendship. I do not understand how that is evil. I've played Pokemon since I was like, 5 or so. I'm now 16 and still play it and I'm not at all evil. I've never suffered a "demonic attack" or whatever. These people are driving people away from religion (like me) because of their own stupid judgemental and close minded ways. I read about some group burning and cutting Pokemon items and the kids chanting "burn them" and "kill them all". Now which is more evil, the kind hearted and fun games and toys of Pokemon or the psycho people chanting and killing. Pokemon don't even kill each other they just have friendly battles and they faint. So wtf world... You need to realize that YOU are the evil Ones brainwashing children. Stop trying to look for ways to make things evil when they're not and just see it how it is, a fun and original idea that has become popular. The reason I don't follow religion is because of things like this. So just shut up about this devil influencing Nintendo bullshit and mind your own business. Btw way to burn games that are already hard to find. GET A LIFE!

  4. "If your kid is turning away from Christianity, it's probably not the Pokemon that's the problem. It's probably that you're creeping them out with all the medieval demon bullshit."
    Love this quote.

  5. Look now at the generation of heartless, soulless, morbidly selfish, materialistic millenials who worship the Kardashians and treat other people as fungible objects.
    Still think this 'game' and other fundamentally sociopathic video games and other forms of entertainment have been good for society? I'm sorry I have to live with YOUR kids. Most of them would euthanize you in a New York minute for their inheritance and if you don't believe that you don't know how they talk about their parents with their peers or adults not connected to mom and dad.

    1. Ah and ofcourse these cute pocket monsters are the root of that. Sir chris, I've seen a my fair share of children who turn into heartless l, soulless, morbidly selfish materialistic persons after their parents divorced. And most of the time their parents deserve the way they get talked about. So don't point the finger at a fantasy cartoon when there are adults messing up their own life's and dragging their children along with them.

      No offense to you personally : )