My Amendment One Twitter-Fight With Two Leading Anti-LGBT Bigots

On Friday night, I responded to a tweet by Peter LaBarbera referencing NC's Amendment 1 measure, which would add language to the NC constitution which would define marriage as between one man and one woman.
DL Foster, Patrick Wooden, Peter LaBarbera

For those of you unfamiliar with Peter LaBarbera, he is the president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, an anti-LGBT organization that is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He's a horrible, horrible man.

As I was preparing to reply to LaBarbera's tweet, Pastor DL Foster, founder of the ex-gay ministry organization Witness Freedom Ministries chimed in by praising NC conservatives and people of faith for their 'passion' for fighting 'evil' homosexuality.

For those of you unfamiliar with DL (yes, that's what he goes by) Foster, he was "delivered from homosexual sin over 22 years ago," and now reveres himself as "an expert, well versed on issues in the cross section of sexuality and theology." His Website states that he's been "quoted, cited and interviewed extensively in such media venues as CNN, Newsweek, Charisma, WorldNetDaily, 700 Club Newswatch, AOL Black Voices, Faith Under Fire, ABC News, Jewish World Review, TV One Network and numerous other print and broadcast mediums."

It was an ugly and disjointed discussion, if you can even call it a discussion. As these things go, it was sloppy, rapid-fire torrent of off-the-cuff remarks, retorts, overlapping threads and nothing even resembling a conclusion.

If anything useful came out of it, hopefully the below Storify-zation of the melee will show you what we're up against on May 8, and just how important it is that people get out and vote.

We won't change the minds of folks like Pete and DL. We're better off using that time and energy making sure that people know the harms of the amendment, and that they actually go to the polls to vote.

Anyway, here goes...

It's probably worth noting that DL Foster blocked me immediately after this 'conversation.' I've only been blocked (that I'm aware of) by two other accounts: Governor Rick Perry and the Pro-Amendment organization NC 4 Marriage.

He's in good company.


  1. Wow!

    Pastor DL believes that it is his OPINION folks are upset about (according to his 2nd to the last tweet)?

    I could care less about his opinion, and I suspect no one else cares, either. There are LOTS of people I dislike, and I stand by my right to dislike them.

    It's the whole "actively campaigning to keep others from having the same rights" thing that he seems to be under attack for...

    The concept of people in a healthy and happy same sex relationship drives some folks nutty. I've been told there's "no such thing" as a gay person, that my relationship is "inherently destructive," etc., etc.

    I think that you might be fighting a losing twitter-fight there. But good for you for going after them!

    1. Yeah, it was pointless, as are all fights of that nature. If anything, hopefully some of their followers might see through their bullshit (I doubt it -- and DL only has about 230 followers -- quite an anemic flock for the pastor, huh?)

      One of these days I'll learn.

  2. I applaud your restraint. They expose the weakness of their arguments and the deficiencies of their morals every time they are asked to explain themselves and respond instead with whining and name-calling. As if "#GodBasher" were a bad thing to be called. Hah. #NoShame

  3. I am willing to bet money that Pastor DL is still on the DL and has male lover or two. Humans don't stop being gay because some archaic book told them to. It's really a shame he's letting religion prevent him from having a fulfilling life of being honest and true to himself and has resorted to hate mongering to fill the void.