Lame Crimson Tide Shirts Employ Violent Homophobic Taunt

Some Alabama Crimson Tide fans are really banking on a defeat of LSU on Jan. 9, because they have a lot of really classy shirts to sell.

Stay classy, sports fans!
They apparently think it's a) okay to call opponents 'homos,' and b) okay to beat the hell out of 'homos.'

The Website heyhomeauxs.com is promoting the sale of shirts declaring Alabama the winner, and employing a lame, homophobic play on words, and a suggestion that it's cool to beat the hell out of gay people.

Elsewhere on the site, where submitted questions are answered:
"So how about changing the colors of the shirt to purple and gold and having the correct score. Maybe adding the wording "Those coonasses kicked your teeth in"."
The proprietors respond:
Sorry, but we do not encourage violence.
Suddenly, I'm a huge LSU fan.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, come on.
    I agree that the use of homos (no matter how you spell it) as a slur is unacceptable. I'm with you there, and it angers me.

    But this is sports. The whole point is to beat the other team. This has nothing to do with promoting violence against gays. I am gay and I know better. Don't go overboard.