Crazy Victoria Jackson Goes To Occupy Wall Street

Victoria Jackson, the former SNL cast member, and current crazy person, decided to show up at Occupy Wall Street to see why everyone's so angry.

You could watch this video or you could just go ahead and pound your head into the desk now. Your choice.

h/t Joe My God


  1. Who cares what this has-been cow has to say??

  2. i love that your options defshepherd, it helped me know that i didn't want to do either...watch her and get all annoyed which is totally similar to bashing my head with the desk. why would i put myself through that? thank you.

    and thank you toon. for helping me see in like-minded others how the systems of oppression still affect us too. calling her a 'has-been cow' is hateful. it's like calling a black person the n-word. though in our culture, while it's not overtly ok to use the n-word anymore, most people don't have a problem hating on women or fat people.
    i think it's possible that you never thougth of this. i used to make horrible gay jokes. i began to make the change because someone was kind enough to question my hate speech. i still have to watch for the voice of the oppressor that got planted and nurtured in me/this culture.
    workin it in nc.

  3. If Victoria's goal was to make the protesters look the fool, she chose the wrong person to interview and failed miserably.