Chuck Norris' Anti-Obama Video Warns of '1,000 Years of Darkness'

Via Christian Post:

American actor Chuck Norris has made an anti-Obama video with wife, Gena Norris. The couple recently released the YouTube video that invokes God and Ronald Reagan, and encourages Evangelical voters to use their power to oust President Barack Obama from his position as Commander-in-Chief in the upcoming November election. Norris begins the video by saying that "our great country and freedom are under attack," and that the U.S. may be "lost forever" if changes are not made.

"We can no longer sit quietly or stand on the sidelines and watch our country go the way of socialism, or something much worse," Norris warns.

 Norris then encourages Evangelical voters to head to the polls to have their voices heard. According to the video, 30 million Evangelicals failed to vote in the 2008 presidential election.

Gena Norris implies that this religious absence at the polls led to Obama's victory four years ago. 


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  1. And if this sad, sad man could enlist those 30 million christians to vote, the USA will most certainly enter a dark age. Obama is the best president you've had in a long time. The entire world will suffer with Romney as president. That's some scary shit Norris is trying to incite. Scary, scary shit. And the same people who'd be empowered by a message like this would point a finger at nations where muslims rule and fight and die. They want to bring that same kind of oppression front and centre? What will people like THAT do when drought and hunger and water shortages start to really be realized?
    Romney gets into office... I'm seriously considering getting off the North American continent.
    I will say it again, and again and again... Religion is a human spirit virus more insidious and deadly than anything you could biologically contract.