Institute For Creation Research's 'That's A Fact!' Video Series Doesn't Contain Any

If, for some strange reason, you enjoy pounding your forehead into your desk, I have great news for you.

Head over to the Institute for Creation Research's Vimeo page and behold their new campaign entitled "That's a Fact!"

I'm not entirely sure what "facts" they're referring to here, as each video is the same old creationist nonsense, just served up Web 2.0-style.

Consider this entry in the series, entitled "Useless Body Parts," which discusses vestigiality.

The Institute for Creation Research states:
Body parts like tonsils and the appendix were once considered unnecessary organs left over from evolution. But scientists have discovered that these “unnecessary” organs are actually very useful.
The video states that scientists now know that the appendix is useful to our immune system, and that the gall bladder is now known to be useful for digesting fats.

With this information, the video draws the following conclusion:
"God doesn't create junk. When he made Adam and Eve, he declared them...very good! Their sin against god started the process of sickness, decay, and death even after God's judgment upon creation, he activated intricately designed backup systems, like the immune system, so that Adam and Eve, and all their descendants could survive after the fall."

I believe that by "facts," they mean "myths."

While their remarks on the appendix and the gall bladder are partly true, they leave out a lot of important information (this seems to happen a lot with creationist propaganda).

For instance, if a supreme being had designed the appendix as part of a human (a human which was designed and created in its current form), then the appendix would be kind of like the Ford Pinto's exploding gas tank. (OK, that's a bad example, you actually need a gas tank to operate a car, but you get the idea) Yes, the appendix may provide some minor functions in modern times, but it might also kill you. Brandon Miller wrote in LiveScience: "In 2000, in fact, there were nearly 300,000 appendectomies performed in the United States, and 371 deaths from appendicitis. Any secondary function that the appendix might perform certainly is not missed in those who had it removed before it might have ruptured."

(Side bar: we have to stop looking at biological traits and features as having "purposes." A chameleon's camouflage mechanism doesn't have a "purpose" (i.e. hiding from prey), it is simply a mechanism that evolved because the chameleons who were less capable of camouflaging themselves died before they could reproduce.)

Regarding the coccyx, I'm not sure the Institute for Creation Research has a true understanding of atavism. Humans occasionally are born with tails.

There are numerous examples of vestigial limbs, organs, and other features: Hind leg bones in whales, male nipples, human wisdom teeth, goose bumps, and wings on flightless birds.

If a designer were hired to create efficient organisms, she would certainly be sent back to the drawing board for many of these useless and extraneous features. She certainly wouldn't be receiving praise for efficiency or conservation of building materials.

The kind of silliness we see in these Institution for Creation Studies videos are straight from the creationist propaganda playbook. The willful ignorance is astounding.

These organizations are so fixated on the mission of proving the Bible's inerrancy, that they are willing to completely ignore all evidence except for the few pieces of evidence that work in their favor. If they can blind their captive audience with just a little science, then they believe they have done enough and can then swoop in with their message of hope and salvation.

"Those silly evolutionists say X is true! But what about Y and Z? Wait! Look over there, it's Jesus and heaven and salvation forever! Amen!"

It's the same approach every single time.

Watch for yourself. Watch them all. Or save yourself the headache.

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    I was quite surprised to discover - from a self-confessed one - that Atheists don't know that Atheism is as much a religion as they believe Christianity to be.

    I wonder how many Atheists are insured to the hilt against the possible eventuality of every conceivable mishap that might, could, may come along, yet against the inevitability of death, they remain uncovered ?

    This is where Pascal's Wager comes in. Blaise Pascal (Scientist, Mathematician and inventor of the first digital calculator - 1600's) argued that to believe in God is a better bet than not believing in God.
    If you believe and God exists, you'll go to heaven and avoid hell; if you believe and you are wrong you lose nothing. If you don't believe in God and God does exist, you'll lose heaven and go to hell: if your'e right, then you gain nothing.

    Which God one might wonder.?
    Probably the safest to go with is the Creator God. After all, Creation is amply evidenced by every sense - heard, seen, tasted, touched and smelled from every possible direction, and then some. Finger prints are the final touch, the veritable bar code attesting to the uniqueness of every person who was and who ever will be created.

    Further proof of the Creator exists in that we were created in the Creator's image. Above all else, Man creates . Creates plans, creates art, creates designs, creates constructions and Empires and modes of transportation; creates fashion, poetry, music and fantasy. In fact we spend our lives creating things; things to eat, to wear, to play, to amuse, to entertain.

    Everything conceivable - chaos and havoc, even things to kill other people with - are busily and diligently created by Man.

    Wonder of Wonders - Miracle of Miracles, we even create human beings complete with a body, soul and spirit, heart, mind, will and emotions..

    Is it logical to believe that billions of years ago - out of nothing - a primordial soup produced an amoeba, which miraculously evolved reproductive abilities - at the exactly convenient moment in time - and from that humble beginning sprung boy and girl Dinosaurs, butterflies, people, kittens, whales and humming birds, orchids , Sequoia pines and galaxies? Not forgetting Sunrises and Sunsets, snow and lightening, peaches and honey, pepper and salt, silver, gold and precious stones !

    As the Bible says, we can look at Creation itself for proof: “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. …” (Romans 1:20-22)

    In light of the substantial visible, tangible and obvious evidence staring us in the face, to believe that Nothing created everything surely requires at least as much - or much more faith - as a follower of Jesus requires to believe in an Intelligent Designer Creator who loves everything He created.

    If our Creator's provision for a lowly earthbound, vegetation eating worm to become transformed into a new creature - a delicate and beautiful nectar-sipping butterfly, airborne into a world of fragrant colour and beauty, how much more is planned for Man, the crowning pinnacle of His Creation? It’s undeniable – except for those who choose to deny it or refuse to examine the overwhelming evidence

    To say there is no God is like simply not seeing the wood for the trees.

    Deliberately. And God Himself, rightly calls them fools.

    And the reason for blindness that will not see ? Unwillingness to be accountable to The One True Living God who, incidentally, makes the Rules.

    The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.