Michele Bachmann Preaching and Loving White People

On Friday, August 5th, Michele Bachmann showed up at the Spirit Midwest Christian Music Festival in Des Moines, IA.

Since there were microphones there, Michele Bachmann spoke to the crowd and glorified Jesus. She also asked the audience, "Who loves white people?." This might have been very unfortunate, had there not been a band on the bill that day called The White People Soul Band.

So, we'll give Michele Bachmann a pass on that, although it was certainly something a presidential candidate might not want to say in public on a microphone.

Bachmann continues to lay down some remarkable evangelical preaching.

One can only hope that, if elected, her State of the Union addresses would not resemble the following:


  1. i really believe in religious freedom...i think it's a critical element in any open minded, learned society.

    but i believe the founding fathers had the best idea in separating church and state. most of the sorrow of the world can be attributed to religious zealots like the one on stage in this video - people preaching a brand of religion that has (in their opinions) their god's mandate to fight for the religion itself. we're in deep shit if she wins.

    okay, we're already in deep shit. deeper shit is more accurate.