Paul Stam is a Sad, Ignorant, Hateful, Little Man

In case you weren't aware, my wonderful home state of North Carolina is trying to ban same-sex marriage. Twice, actually.

It was already banned in 1996, via statute, but theocratic, insecure, folks like House Majority Leader Paul Stam (R-duh), feel it is necessary to put another nail in the coffin, via constitutional amendment, to be absolutely sure that the evil threat that is gay marriage does not rise from the grave to attack his children.

Paul 'Skip' Stam believes the following garbage:

  • If same sex marriage is allowed, it will lead ”next” to legalized “adult incest” and polygamous marriages since there’s no way to argue logically for same sex marriage and against state authorization of those other practices.
  • “Morality” and “biology” dictate that same sex marriage be proscribed.
  • Sexual orientation is a “choice.”
  • Same sex marriage will prove disastrous for all of our children and society generally because it will lead to the inevitable demise of marriage as an institution.
  • “All social science” demonstrates that it’s best to be raised in a marriage that features one man and one woman.

All of the above statements are completely devoid of scientific evidence, reality, and common sense. Not to mention that any 'moral' opposition to same-sex marriage is almost always has a religious basis, and therefore does not pass the Lemon Test.

Here's Stam spouting his insane 'gay marriage will lead to incest' baloney at a press conference on Tuesday:

Later, when asked how the ban would differ from misogyny laws, Stam served up this steaming pile of poo: “People can't change their race. They can't choose their race."

GOP leaders plan to take up the marriage amendment on September 12, when legislature resumes.

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