Dr. Pepper 'Evolution Of Flavor' Ad Rankles Fundamentalist Christians On Facebook

Via HuffPo:
Controversy has erupted over the latest Dr. Pepper ad dubbed "The Evolution of Flavor," with a small, but vocal minority of commenters on Facebook posting complaints about the ad's evolution motif. 
The comments began after the ad appeared on the soft drink's official Facebook page Thursday afternoon. 
"I love Dr. Pepper but hate this photo," wrote Kara Duran, "Forget evolution... Jesus all the way!" 
"Well, there goes my support for this company," Jolynn Danae Pilapil wrote.
One of the most recent comments on the Facebook page this morning:

"Another lot going crazy over cartoons rather than when people are killed in the name of their religion.."

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  1. While I appreciate that the Christians so offended are not burning and murdering others over this offense, I have to wonder why True Believers are so easily offended over every little thing.

    People need to learn to laugh. The alternative is just too scary, as we see every day on the news...