What Are They Smoking At Herman Cain Campaign HQ?

When your guy is struggling in the polls, and it looks clearer every day that your candidate has a snowball's chance in hell, what's a campaign to do?

Well, if you're Herman Cain's campaign, you release a bizarre, nearly 4-minute, western-themed 'ad' about yellow flowers. If potential Herman Cain voters were unclear about his vision before, this thing sure isn't going to help.


  1. Good film with good oint "real men" don't et sleazes push them around. They push back.

    The self destructive politically correct selfdestructiveninnys--if theyget abusedor attacked apologizeto the agesorfor being his victim.

    I prefer a Presdent Cain he will be the next Teddy Roosevelt

  2. this by far is the stupidest ad this campaign season...another good reason to vote for anyone BUT Cain

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