Hi, I'm Randall Terry And I'm Insane

Randall Terry, anti-choice activist and founder of Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue), is a freaking lunatic.
Randall Terry, unhinged man

You probably know the guy from his outlandish anti-choice stunts, which have included blockading the entrances to abortion clinics, his protest of Barack Obama's commencement visit to the University of Notre Dame, or his statement that abortion provider Dr. George Tiller 'reaped what he sowed' when he was assassinated in 2009.

You also may know that Randall Terry is actually running for president of the United States. Kind of. Terry's presidency has been more about getting graphic anti-choice ads on television than anything.

Regardless, Randall Terry is on the ballot in 6 Democratic primaries, and on March 6 in Oklahoma, actually managed to swipe a delegate from President Obama, a 'child-killer,' according to Terry.

Terry wasted no time gloating over his Oklahoma feat, releasing the below video, in which he taunts his adversaries (including Obama, Slate, and Jezebel).

What a lunatic, this guy.

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