The Batshit Files: News Roundup | 7.14.11

Is it the heat, or the stupidity?
  • Michele Bachmann's church says the Pope is the anti-christ. (Raw Story)
  • Mike Bickle, official endorser of Rick Perry's The Response prayer rally, sees marriage equality as a sign of the End Times and is rooted "in the depths of Hell." (Right Wing Watch)
  • Fox News forgets that 9/11 took place on George Bush's watch, and Dana Perino, sitting right there, fails to correct them. (Raw Story)
  • Sarah Palin on debt ceiling: 'Reload,' don't 'retreat' (LA Times)
  • Michele Bachmann flubs her Jewish cred by mispronouncing “chutzpah” (News Hounds)
  • Tea Party Nation: President Obama is just like Casey Anthony (Right Wing Watch)
  • Rick Perry wants to leave government ‘in God’s hands,’ says ‘God, you’re gonna have to fix this.’ (Think Progress)
  • Wis. GOP state senate candidate: ‘Why not teach creationism’ and put a cross in school? (TPM)
  • Poor Rupert Murdoch is 'annoyed' with all these negative headlines about his company (allegedly) hacking 9/11 victims' private voicemails. (WSJ)
  • Michele Bachmann wants to make sure you know she's not pro-slavery. (Mediaite)

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