NC Church Sign: 'God loves gays but hates a perverted life style. Turn or burn.'

Story Updated 8.15.11 (see bottom of page)

Seagate Community Chapel in Wilmington, NC is feeling the heat after news reports and photos of their sign circulated online.

The sign reads: "God loves gays but hates a perverted life style. Turn or burn."

The sign maker, Anna Benson, told local news channel WECT that she "loves the gays." She states that her signs are always straight from the Bible, and the pastor stands by any message she posts, as long as it's biblically accurate.

"We're going to teach the entire truth," said Heuring, "and I'll take the heat for it."

Feel free to contact the church and give them some heat:

Seagate Community Church
5823 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403-4715
(910) 799-1035 ‎

Here's a map for those of you in the Wilmington area who might like to attend services this Sunday.

UPDATE: The anti-gay sign at Seagate Community Chapel was vandalized Sunday afternoon. According to WECT:

Witnesses tell police a tall man took a hammer to the sign before leaving in a silver Ford Taurus. The car is reported to have bumper damage and a missing hubcap from the front left tire.

This happened after police broke up a peaceful protest held outside the church.

Wilmington Pride protested the sign's message Sunday morning. The organization supports homosexuals in the community. A member of the group wrote that the church's message "supports hate of homosexuality".


  1. Well, if she plans on teaching the entire truth, I hope she intends to also run a sign that says "God loves adulterers but hates second marriages - Mark 10:11-12 - stay together or burn forever".

    Seems only fair.

  2. The instruction in the bible regarding what believers are supposed to do with anyone who doesn't believe in the God of the bible and dares say so are quite clear. The truth is the bible instructs believers to be mass murderers but love those they murder while stoning them to death.

    It's probably a good thing those folks are lazy, whiny, hate-filled twats who just like to blow hot air. Otherwise they'd be practicing serial killers.

  3. They might also want to tell the truth about how gobby children should be murdered by their parents, girls should marry their rapist, and daughters should try to get pregnant by their dad when there's no other men around. All good, God-sanctioned moral loveliness :)

    Oh, and by the way, if God hates the "perverted lifestyle" that people like myself engage in, how come he made it so much fun? :)