Ann Coulter Would Like All Gays Back In The Closet

Ann Coulter breaks some kind of record here for the highest number of bigoted, backward comments in one interview segment.


  1. So in the Marketplace of Ideas we need to allow everyone their say, right? Here's the problem I have ... how long do we allow them their say once every single utterance they've brought to marketplace has debunked? Why does anyone ever book Coulter for any show to talk about anything when she *never* contributes anything besides bile, intolerance, ignorance, and mendacity? Presumably it's sympathy with her ideas, or pandering to the audience that agrees with her positions, but it is disgusting regardless of reason. At some point, when a hateful idiot is exposed, there ought to be some consequence to giving that idiot a microphone into which to repeat their blathering. Similar to how there was a movement to target advertisers who supported Glenn Beck, it's time to hit the wallet of Coulter enablers.