The Batshit Files: News Roundup | 4th of July Weekend Edition

The fifth freedom is freedom from ignorance. - Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Michele Bachmann's husband says gays are 'barbarians' that need to be 'disciplined' (Towleroad)
  • Kansas abortion (temporary?/indefinite?) ban starts tomorrow (Maddow Blog
  • Rick Perry's non-denominational, apolitical prayerfest: Only Christians allowed (Mother Jones)
  • Allowing other faiths to participate in Gov. Perry's prayer rally would "be idolatry of the worst sort" (Right Wing Watch)
  • Pat Buchanan: Mexicans are ruining soccer, America. (Media Matters)
  • Bryan Fischer actually claims that he has "never seen a Christian treat a homosexual with hatred" (Right Wing Watch)
  • Birthers sue Esquire over birther parody piece, seeking more than $200 million. (Forbes)
  • Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel: Adopted children Of gay parents are "props" to further "sexual anarchy" (Right Wing Watch)
  • Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) on undocumented immigrants: ‘I will do anything short of shooting them.’ (ThinkProgress)
  • Ohio legislator sworn in on version of Bible that endorses the genocide of Native Americans. (Plunderbund)
  • Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) says gay people "shouldn't feel bad" about a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. (Right Wing Watch)
  • Evangelicals feel more threatened by secularism than sex, violence, Islam, govt, Catholics, etc. (Friendly Atheist)
  • Orren Hatch (R-UT) aims to slip abortion bill into Korean free trade agreement. (Mother Jones)
  • Tea Party leader says anti-gay bullying is ‘healthy peer pressure’ (LGBTQ Nation)

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