Answers In Genesis Responds To Bill Nye's Anti-Creationism Rant


Of course, comments are disabled on YouTube.

Bill Nye's original post here.


  1. The first speaker lost me at "Mooslem" (I think that's religion for cows) and siting Africa as a bastian of a model nation opposing evolution. Christians don't respect Muslim faith, so it seems deeply disingenuous to claim them as allies in propping-up "creationism". I just can't watch these videos all the way through. I don't want to increase their "hit-count". Staggering fear of change/thought.

  2. I thought it to be a good vid, but I'm not a hater so I'm guessing my opinion won't count.

  3. Your opinion counts if you can defend it. Keep seeking truth anonymous.

  4. I'm sorry, I don't like hating on people and their ideas, but this is scary stupid. Literally everything written in this book called the bible has been debunked by science. It was written by people who had absolutely no idea of geography, radiation, infectious disease, natural disasters and so on. All things science has enlightened us on.

    These fairy tales are being less and less believed despite the "stats" religious people spew out about believers.

    Bless science and real knowledge. Amen.

  5. http://memegenerator.net/instance/24967648

  6. And in case that like goes missing, it's a picture of Mars Rover "Curiosity" with a caption that reads: "Dear Religion, while you were arguing over which chicken sandwich to eat, I just landed on Mars. Love, Science."